Veterans TV News 4: Dr. Jack Steingart Joins Dave To Discuss PTSD

Special guest Dr. Jack Steingart joins Dave to discuss PTSD. This is Part One of this 2 part series. We will learn of the Vet Centers across the country that are working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Vet Nation 109: Deportation Of Veterans Who Served

Our hosts report on a poorly written law that allows deportation of veterans who served in the US military while on Green Card status.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 16: Interview With Lisa Kamen

Segment #16 – Interview with Lisa Kamen founder of Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, an organization dedicated to the reintegration and psychological wellness of our returning warriors.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 14: Gloria OBrien Visits The U.S. Vets Site

Segment #14 – Gloria O’Brien visits the U.S. Vets site in Long Beach Ca. to discuss their programs for female veterans. She speaks with Stephen Peck and Diane West, the program coordinators for the womens Advance and Renew programs that work with homelessness, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and employment resources.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 13: Michelle Ladd Hosts This Documentary

Segment #13 – Michelle Ladd hosts this 2009 Documentary that goes inside rap group sessions with combat veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Contains some graphic and explicit language. Includes interviews with NVF PTSD Therapist Shad Meshad, IAVA founder Paul Rieckhoff, Congressman Bob Filner and combat vet Rick Seaman.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 11: IAVA And Ad Council Launch National PSA Campaign

Segment #11 – IAVA and Ad Council Launch National PSA Campaign for Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.