Vet Nation 112: Hand Tow 4,400Ib Truck

The Veterans Nation news team reports on an upcoming fund raising event where navy vet Michael McCastle will hand tow a 4,400 pound pickup truck across the floor of Death Valley. This amazing feat is to raise money and awareness of the tragic suicide deaths of 22 veterans each day.

Vet Nation 106: Hyperbaric Therapy For TBI & PTSD

Rick and Gloria discuss progress on using hyperbaric therapy to treat veterans with TBI and PTSD. Positive findings are proving this therapy to be an alternative to the VA’s often reckless use of pharmaceuticals.

Vet Nation 105: Veterans Choice Act & Toxic Exposure Research Act

Rick and Gloria discuss problems and future fixes regarding the Veterans Choice Act. They also talk about The Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2015. This legislation when enacted will create an national center for research on the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions of the descendants of veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service. […]

Vet Nation 102: Giving Vets Local & Federal Tax Credits

Rick and Gloria hi-jack the news desk to talk about anything they want, including what could be done and what should be done to give veterans state, local and federal tax credits.

Vet Nation 83: Veteran Volunteers To Participate In Hyper-Baric Therapy

News bulletin calling for veteran volunteers to participate in hyper-baric therapy studies related to Traumatic Brain Injury. The program is headed by Dr. Paul G. Harch, Principal Investigator and Clinical Professor, LSU School of Medicine.