Vet Nation 60: Mikal Vega Navy Seal

Veterans Nation 60 – Special guest Mikal Vega, a 22 year navy seal, talks about how he got himself off of heavy drug dosages prescribed to him by VA psychiatrists. Mikal discusses how he turned to natural healing processes and how it brought him to create the Vital Warrior Organization in order to help other […]

Vet Nation 26: Rydell Danzie Reports On Worst VA Offices

Veterans Nation 26 – Team anchor Rydell Danzie reports on the worst performance record of a single VA office in one of the U.S. largest cities. Service Officer Dave Culmer joins the Team for a review and comparison of the VA’s Long Term Solution System vs. the VA’s E- Benefits System when a Veteran needs […]

Vet Nation 68: The NVF Toll Free Hotline

Veterans Nation 68 – This video lets you see the NVF toll free hotline at work.

Vet Nation 27: Electronic Brain Scan Technology For PTSD

Veterans Nation 27 – A Team report from the VFW on veterans empoyment in the railroad industry. Also a video report on new electronic brain scan technology for PTSD diagnosis and narrowing down the need for multiple and often unecessary medications. The Team also reviews the current Veterans Voting Poll.

Vet Nation 71: The Amazing Story Of Bob Wieland

Veterans Nation 71 – The amazing story of Bob Wieland is the first of two interviews with double amputees from Vietnam. Bob was seriously wounded while serving with the Army’s 25th Infantry Div. He recovered and went on to become known as Mr. Inspiration.

Vet Nation 28: Rick Seaman Interviews PTSD Expert Shad Meshad

Veterans Nation 28 – Host Rick Seaman interviews PTSD expert Shad MeShad on Veterans combat mental health and the reintergration back into todays society and work force. Shad gives an in depth look into what these veterans may be facing when fileing a PTSD claim at the VA and the consequences and stigma that may […]