Vet Nation 101: Emily Rahhal Makes A Difference For Veterans

Here is a story of seventeen year old Emily Rahhal who has helped to make a difference for veterans.

Vet Nation 103: Tomi Lahren San Bernardino Shooting

Tomi Lahren lashes out at the perpetrators of the San Bernardino California mass shooting.

Vet Nation 13:The National Defense Authorization Act 2013

Veterans Nation 13 – Michelle Ladd reports on The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2013. Trevor Scott reports on The White Houses controversial plans for fiscal 2014 budgets and how that might affect Veterans. Rick Seaman provides some hints for the current Veterans History Quiz question, and then Rick introduces his new Veterans […]

Vet Nation 16: Trevor And Kelly Smith Compare CHMAPVA To TriCare

Veterans Nation 16 – Anchor Trevor Scott covers a VA press release on CHAMPVA eligibility. Trevor and Kelly Smith compare CHMAPVA to TriCare. Kelly also does a report on Blue Star Families. Then Rick talks about veterans organizations and his 2 favorites, VFW and IAVA. Also anchor Michelle Ladd fields a phone call from U.S. […]

Vet Nation 18: Viewers Emails On Numerous Topics

Veterans Nation 18 – The Team responds to viewers emails on numerous topics including benefit eligibility for Korean War and World War ll Veterans. A major campaign is launched based on an email that asks, “When or where did the phrase ‘Welcome Home’ come into play?

Vet Nation 22: Veterans Nation Team Speaks With Advocate Paul Sullivan

Veterans News 22 – The Veterans Nation Team speaks with veterans attorney and Gulf War Veterans’ advocate Paul Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan provides some hard hitting facts on the VA’s failure to move research forward for Gulf War Illnesses. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.