Vet Nation 60: Mikal Vega Navy Seal

Veterans Nation 60 – Special guest Mikal Vega, a 22 year navy seal, talks about how he got himself off of heavy drug dosages prescribed to him by VA psychiatrists. Mikal discusses how he turned to natural healing processes and how it brought him to create the Vital Warrior Organization in order to help other […]

Vet Nation 16: Trevor And Kelly Smith Compare CHMAPVA To TriCare

Veterans Nation 16 – Anchor Trevor Scott covers a VA press release on CHAMPVA eligibility. Trevor and Kelly Smith compare CHMAPVA to TriCare. Kelly also does a report on Blue Star Families. Then Rick talks about veterans organizations and his 2 favorites, VFW and IAVA. Also anchor Michelle Ladd fields a phone call from U.S. […]

Vet Nation 32: Armed Service Committee On PTSD And TBI Research

Veterans Nation 32 – A report on testimony to The House Armed Services Personnel Service Committee on PTSD and TBI research, as well as the use of embedded mental health teams and military units. This report also includes subcommittee testimonies regarding certain PTSD medications that may worsen symptoms. Mike Dowling reports on banks who have […]

Vet Nation 92: Dr. Paula Caplan Listen To A Veteran Program

An interview with Dr. Paula Caplan. After decades of post-combat psychological counseling for veterans, Paula has recently created the “Listen to a Veteran” program where non-veterans are afforded the opportunity to sit with veterans and listen to their stories without asking questions or intervening… just listening to whatever each veteran wants to say.

Vet Nation 18: Viewers Emails On Numerous Topics

Veterans Nation 18 – The Team responds to viewers emails on numerous topics including benefit eligibility for Korean War and World War ll Veterans. A major campaign is launched based on an email that asks, “When or where did the phrase ‘Welcome Home’ come into play?

Vet Nation 33: Announces Winners Of The Veterans Nation Music Game

Veterans Nation 33 – The Team announces the winners of the Veterans Nation music game. Host Michelle Ladd reports on the Veterans Business Outreach Center and how their helping Veterans start new businesses. Guest host Freddy Cordova reads an email about former POW Major General John L. Borling.