Vet Nation 60: Mikal Vega Navy Seal

Veterans Nation 60 – Special guest Mikal Vega, a 22 year navy seal, talks about how he got himself off of heavy drug dosages prescribed to him by VA psychiatrists. Mikal discusses how he turned to natural healing processes and how it brought him to create the Vital Warrior Organization in order to help other […]

Veterans TV News 20: Dave Culmer Is Joined By Rick Seaman And Ross Clay

News Anchor Dave Culmer is joined by Rick Seaman and Ross Clay. After answering several e-mails on VA benefit questions, they discuss the pending GI Bills with some help from Congressman Bob Filner and Eric A. Hilleman who is deputy director of legislative services for the VFW. Congressman Filner, Shad Meshad, and Dr. Bridget Cantrell […]

Veterans TV News 18: National Heroes Tour

Coverage of The National Heroes Tour sponsored by Vets For Freedom. Rick Seaman and Michelle Ladd interview Executive Director Peter Hegseth and founder David Bellavia who tell us about their organization, the Heroes Tour, and how it will culminate in Washington DC. for their Vets On The Hill event. Also interviewed are several highly decorated […]

Veterans TV News 13: Dave And Rick On VA Service Officers

Part 3 with Dave and Rick on VA service officers. The Vet Cam visits a county veterans affairs office to learn of a new outreach program that recruits local volunteers.

Veterans TV News 12: Dave’s Discussion On VA Service Officers

Part 2 of Dave’s discussion on VA Service Officers. How to find a service officer who can get the job done for you. Is it like walking onto a used car lot?

Veterans TV News 11: Dave Is Joined By Eleven Bravo

Dave is joined by Eleven Bravo host Rick Seaman for the first of a three part discussion on VA service officers. First up is choosing between a county or vet organization service officer.