Vet Nation 67: Whittier TBI PTSD Event

Veterans Nation 67 – Rick visits an event for PTSD, TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma) awareness. Event was sponsored by Hookup Resource Center, Southern California Edison International and The National Veterans Foundation.

Veterans TV News 7: NVF Counselor Cornell Jones Joins Dave

NVF counselor Cornell Jones joins Dave regarding frequently asked questions on the National Veterans Foundation’s crisis hotline. The hotline is toll free and open to any veterans regarding any questions on anything to do with veterans.

Vet Nation 101: Emily Rahhal Makes A Difference For Veterans

Here is a story of seventeen year old Emily Rahhal who has helped to make a difference for veterans.

Vet Nation 94: Rap Sessions With Combat Veterans

Michelle Ladd hosts this 2009 Documentary that goes inside rap group sessions with combat veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Contains some graphic and explicit language. Includes interviews with NVF PTSD Therapist Shad Meshad and combat vet Rick Seaman.

Vet Nation 93: Playboy Mansion For National Veterans Foundation Fundraiser

Host Sean Huze visits the Playboy Mansion for a National Veterans Foundation fundraiser. Sean’s on-the-spot interviews include Shad Meshad, returning Iraq troops and IAVA founder Paul Rieckhoff.

National Veterans Foundation Show 10: Interview With NVF’s Shad Meshad

Show #10 – Channel 7 News report on Iraq Vet’s killing spree includes an interview with NVF’s Shad Meshad.