Vet Nation 60: Mikal Vega Navy Seal

Veterans Nation 60 – Special guest Mikal Vega, a 22 year navy seal, talks about how he got himself off of heavy drug dosages prescribed to him by VA psychiatrists. Mikal discusses how he turned to natural healing processes and how it brought him to create the Vital Warrior Organization in order to help other […]

Vet Nation: 113 Discussion On Veterans Choice Act

The Nation Team discusses VA and congressional foot dragging regarding fixes to the Veterans Choice Act of 2014 and the lack of financial preparation by Congress in budgeting for post-war care of wounded veterans.

Vet Nation 112: Hand Tow 4,400Ib Truck

The Veterans Nation news team reports on an upcoming fund raising event where navy vet Michael McCastle will hand tow a 4,400 pound pickup truck across the floor of Death Valley. This amazing feat is to raise money and awareness of the tragic suicide deaths of 22 veterans each day.

Vet Nation 110: How A Sense Of Humor Helps War Vets

Following a discussion on how a sense of humor has helped war vets endure combat stress, Rick and Gloria run a funny video produced by a 20 year green beret.

Vet Nation 109: Deportation Of Veterans Who Served

Our hosts report on a poorly written law that allows deportation of veterans who served in the US military while on Green Card status.

Vet Nation 108: Joe The Vet Helping Prevent Diabetes

“Joe The Vet” makes an appearance on this segment, urging Vietnam veterans to be aware of the symptoms of Type II Diabetes which is on the VA’s list of presumptive conditions related to exposure to Agent Orange.