Veterans TV News 8: Dave’s Mailbag Session Gets A Surprise Visitor

Dave’s mailbag session gets a surprise visitor. What develops from there is a discussion about Agent Orange, compensation rates and federal funding of VA benefits.

Vet Nation 108: Joe The Vet Helping Prevent Diabetes

“Joe The Vet” makes an appearance on this segment, urging Vietnam veterans to be aware of the symptoms of Type II Diabetes which is on the VA’s list of presumptive conditions related to exposure to Agent Orange.

Vet Nation 105: Veterans Choice Act & Toxic Exposure Research Act

Rick and Gloria discuss problems and future fixes regarding the Veterans Choice Act. They also talk about The Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2015. This legislation when enacted will create an national center for research on the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions of the descendants of veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service. […]