WW226 Videos

Eleven Bravo #7: Rick Visits The Home Of World War II Vet

Show # 7 – Rick visits the home of World War II combat Marine veteran, George J. Burns. George was awarded the silver star for action on Iwo Jima.

Eleven Bravo 18: Amazing Documentary Of The B-24 Liberated Bomber From WWI

Show #18 – Eleven Bravo presents an amazing documentary video story of the B-24 Liberated Bomber from WWII, with live interviews from B-24 (Starduster) pilot Capt. Willis Miller and his crew.

Eleven Bravo Show 12: Interview The Niece Of World War II Veteran

Show #12 – Host Rick Seaman interviews the niece of World War II hero Eddie Livingston. She tells of his heroism behind the lines of Normandy, his capture by the Nazis, and the heartbreaking life story that followed. She also tells of her plans to return Eddie’s ashes to his hometown via escort by a […]

Eleven Bravo Show 20: Honoring Past and Present Combat Pilots

Honoring past and present combat pilots of America’s aviation legacy and all that our country’s airborne warriors have done to defend our country.

National Veterans Foundation Show 3: The Early Years Of The NVF

Show # 3 – This documentary, “The Legacy Of War” was filmed by Gregory Marquette during the early years of the NVF when it was the Vietnam Veterans Aid Foundation. This piece focuses on the problems that faced many Vietnam War returnees.