Veterans TV News 23: VA During IAVA’s “Storm The Hill ’09 Campaign”

IAVA founder Paul Rieckhoff speaks out for the advanced budget for the VA during IAVA’s “Storm the Hill ’09 Campaign”. He is supported there by Congressman Bob Filner and Senator Daniel Akaka.

Veterans TV News 9: Mortgage Expert Chuck Spires Talks With Dave (Part 1)

Mortgage expert Chuck Spires talks with Dave about VA loans. This is Part One of a two-part special. Chuck details the certificate of eligibility, loan guarantees and walks us through the VA home loan process.

Veterans TV News 24: Benefit Buzz With VSO Dave Culmer And Veterans Attorney Tom Clewis

The Benefit Buzz with VSO Dave Culmer and veterans attorney Tom Clewis. Discussed are new laws regarding the use of an attorney to appeal a VA claim denial, facts on severance pay deductions, compensation payment adjustments for dependents and answers to other questions sent in by veterans. Dave and Tom also talk about VA health […]

Veterans TV News 10: Chuck Spires Special On VA Home Loans (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Chuck Spires special on VA home loans. Chuck gets into loans from state agencies, and pros and cons of VA loans vs. conventional home loans.

Veterans TV News 25: Gloria OBrien Visits The U.S. Vets Site

Gloria OBrien visits the U.S. Vets site in Long Beach Ca. to discuss their programs for female veterans. She speaks with Stephen Peck and Diane West, the program coordinators for the womens Advance and Renew programs that work with homelessness, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and employment resources.

Veterans TV News 11: Dave Is Joined By Eleven Bravo

Dave is joined by Eleven Bravo host Rick Seaman for the first of a three part discussion on VA service officers. First up is choosing between a county or vet organization service officer.