Veterans TV News 30: 300 Soldiers At The Madigan Army Medical Center

Senate Veterans Affairs Committee chairman Patty Murray questions Army Surgeon General Patricia Horoho on recent improper and altered PTSD diagnoses of over 300 soldiers at the Madigan Army Medical Center.

Veterans TV News 29: Buying Life And Health Insurance From The VA

Dave answers an FAQ regarding buying life and health insurance from the VA. Another question comes from a WWII vet seeking help from the VA for housing upgrades and how service-connected-disability is a factor. Also general VA navigation tips and an FAQ on VA over-payments. Dave’s docket also includes a discussion on how to handle […]

Veterans TV News 28: VA Navigation And The Disability Claims Process

Dave Culmer answers frequently asked questions on VA navigation and the disability claims process. Also discussed are reasons for delays in disability claims caused by the VA and the veterans as well.

Veterans TV News 27: VSO Dave Culmer On Veteran’s Legal Representation

VSO Dave Culmer and veterans legal rep. Tom Clewis discuss compensation and pension exams(C & P), including QTC exams and how a veteran should prepare for these. Dave and Tom also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being examined by your own doctor.

Veterans TV News 26: Discuss When A VA Disability Claim Has Been Denied

VSO Dave Culmer and veterans attorney Tom Clewis discuss the options a veteran has when a VA disability claim has been denied. This includes information and guidance on when a denial should be appealed as opposed to other preliminary options.

Veterans TV News 25: Gloria OBrien Visits The U.S. Vets Site

Gloria OBrien visits the U.S. Vets site in Long Beach Ca. to discuss their programs for female veterans. She speaks with Stephen Peck and Diane West, the program coordinators for the womens Advance and Renew programs that work with homelessness, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and employment resources.