Vet Nation 66: Interview With Shad Meshad On The Ben Shapiro Radio Show

Veterans Nation 65 – Rick & Gloria cover an interview with Shad Meshad on The Ben Shapiro radio show that discussed VA failures and fixes.

Veterans TV News 10: Chuck Spires Special On VA Home Loans (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Chuck Spires special on VA home loans. Chuck gets into loans from state agencies, and pros and cons of VA loans vs. conventional home loans.

Vet Nation 74: Discuss And Weed Out The New VA Healthcare Program

Rick and Gloria get VA benefits expert Dave Culmer on the phone to discuss and weed out the new VA healthcare program that allows certain veterans to receive private reimbursable medical care outside of the VA.

Veterans TV News 20: Dave Culmer Is Joined By Rick Seaman And Ross Clay

News Anchor Dave Culmer is joined by Rick Seaman and Ross Clay. After answering several e-mails on VA benefit questions, they discuss the pending GI Bills with some help from Congressman Bob Filner and Eric A. Hilleman who is deputy director of legislative services for the VFW. Congressman Filner, Shad Meshad, and Dr. Bridget Cantrell […]

Vet Nation 80: Veterans Choice Act & Healthcare Access

Veterans Nation 80 – Rick and Brian discuss pending improvements to the Veterans Choice Act of 2014 which is about veterans having to travel long distances for healthcare. Also, an interview with actor David “Shark” Fralick and his performance in the Vietnam edu-drama “The Reason”.

Veterans TV News 24: Benefit Buzz With VSO Dave Culmer And Veterans Attorney Tom Clewis

The Benefit Buzz with VSO Dave Culmer and veterans attorney Tom Clewis. Discussed are new laws regarding the use of an attorney to appeal a VA claim denial, facts on severance pay deductions, compensation payment adjustments for dependents and answers to other questions sent in by veterans. Dave and Tom also talk about VA health […]