Veterans TV News 28: VA Navigation And The Disability Claims Process

Dave Culmer answers frequently asked questions on VA navigation and the disability claims process. Also discussed are reasons for delays in disability claims caused by the VA and the veterans as well.

Vet Nation 23: Advocate Paul Sullivan Continues His Factual

Veterans News 23 – Attorney and Gulf War Advocate Paul Sullivan continues his factual and in depth testimony of VA failures for Gulf War Illnesses. Mr. Sullivan also provides our Team with some amazing facts regarding congressional failure to include casualty and post war treatment prior to the re-invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Vet Nation 107: Joining Veterans Organizations

Rick and Gloria talk about the advantages and values of becoming a member of one or more of our great veterans organizations.

Veterans TV News 29: Buying Life And Health Insurance From The VA

Dave answers an FAQ regarding buying life and health insurance from the VA. Another question comes from a WWII vet seeking help from the VA for housing upgrades and how service-connected-disability is a factor. Also general VA navigation tips and an FAQ on VA over-payments. Dave’s docket also includes a discussion on how to handle […]

Vet Nation 25: The Veterans Nation Music Contest

Veterans Nation 25 – The Team reviews The Veterans Nation music contest. Anchor Kelly Smith honors the Vet Of The Month. Also investigative reports on VA claims backlogs, continued delays in the VA/DOD integrated electronic medical record system. Anchor Mike Dowling reports on a free service for veterans who need employment resumes and other employment […]

Veterans TV News 2: Dave Covers Details On Compensation

Dave covers details on compensation, pension and S.M.C. (Special Monthly Compensation) as well as the pros and cons of military severance pay for severely wounded veterans. (SEE UPDATE ON SEVERANCE PAY ON SEGMENT #24, THIS CHANNEL)