Veterans TV News 3: Dave And Shad Meshad Discuss Psychological Effects On Vets

Dave and Shad Meshad discuss psychological effects on vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. They also speak on the situation of reservists and National Guard.

Vet Nation 94: Rap Sessions With Combat Veterans

Michelle Ladd hosts this 2009 Documentary that goes inside rap group sessions with combat veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Contains some graphic and explicit language. Includes interviews with NVF PTSD Therapist Shad Meshad and combat vet Rick Seaman.

National Veterans Foundation Show 10: Interview With NVF’s Shad Meshad

Show #10 – Channel 7 News report on Iraq Vet’s killing spree includes an interview with NVF’s Shad Meshad.

National Veterans Foundation Show 8: You See The NVF Toll Free Hotline At Work

Show # 8 – This video lets you see the NVF toll free hotline at work.

National Veterans Foundation Show 6: Homeless Veterans Outreach Program

Show # 6 – Julie Michaels is your host as we look at the National Veterans Foundation’s, homeless veterans outreach program.

National Veterans Foundation Show 5: NVF Resource Director Mike Washington Talks

Show # 5 – NVF Resource Director Mike Washington talks about a bumpy road that finally ended up at the doorstep of John Keaveny’s New Directions rehab program. This program, along with assistance from the VA, eventually brought Mike to the NVF and Shad Meshad.