Vet Nation 28: Rick Seaman Interviews PTSD Expert Shad Meshad

Veterans Nation 28 – Host Rick Seaman interviews PTSD expert Shad MeShad on Veterans combat mental health and the reintergration back into todays society and work force. Shad gives an in depth look into what these veterans may be facing when fileing a PTSD claim at the VA and the consequences and stigma that may […]

Veterans TV News 5: Dr. Jack Steingart On PTSD

Part 2 with Dr. Jack Steingart on PTSD. Dr. Jack elaborates on the effects of war trauma and long term preventive maintenance of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Vet Nation 38: Andrew O’Brien From The WYSH Project

Veterans Nation 38 – The Team interviews Andrew O’Brien from the WYSH Project. The Project uses a cross country tour bus for Andrew’s visits to veterans organizations where he speaks to veterans with PTSD, telling of his own personal triumph over suicide attempts. The acronym WYSH stands for the title of his book, ‘Welcoming Your […]

Veterans TV News 7: NVF Counselor Cornell Jones Joins Dave

NVF counselor Cornell Jones joins Dave regarding frequently asked questions on the National Veterans Foundation’s crisis hotline. The hotline is toll free and open to any veterans regarding any questions on anything to do with veterans.

Vet Nation 54: The Hidden Enemy

Veterans Nation 54 – CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS presents “The Hidden Enemy” a video documentary on the effects of psychiatry and psychotropic drugs in the military.

Veterans TV News 21: Congressman Bob Filner’s” Veterans Legislative Ledger”

This is Congressman Bob Filner’s” Veterans Legislative Ledger”, an exclusive report to America’s veterans on the latest news and legislation from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Veterans Affairs. This is the first of these periodic reports to Veterans Network.