C-4 Explosive Discussion 1: Discuss The Roots Of PTSD (Part 1)

PTSD Discussion Part I – PTSD experts Shad Meshad and Dr. Bridget Cantrell, discuss the roots of PTSD and compare Vietnam era cases to those of returning warriors Iraq and Afghanistan. They also discuss current and future treatment and outreach programs for veterans and their families.

C-4 Explosive Discussion 2: Experts Cover Stress Related Symptoms (Part 2)

PTSD Discussion Part 2 – Our PTSD experts cover stress related symptoms & other combat related phsycological problems. They also discuss how PTSD is often interpreted and evaluated by the VA. Shad Meshad also talks about the VA Vet Centers.

C-4 Explosive Discussion 3: Soldiers PTSD Claim (Part 3)

PTSD Discussion Part 3 – Our panelists reveiw a typical DOD denial of a soldiers PTSD claim. Host Rick Seaman and our panelists discuss what returning combat veterans need to know about VA Vet Centers, family support, and navigating the VA for PTSD treatment and claims.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 10: IAVA Executive Dir. Paul Rieckhoff And IAVA Member Mick Zacchea Speak Out

Segment #10 – IAVA Executive Dir. Paul Rieckhoff and IAVA member Mick Zacchea speak out on veterans mental health.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 16: Interview With Lisa Kamen

Segment #16 – Interview with Lisa Kamen founder of Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, an organization dedicated to the reintegration and psychological wellness of our returning warriors.