PTSD22 Videos

Vet Nation 67: Whittier TBI PTSD Event

Veterans Nation 67 – Rick visits an event for PTSD, TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma) awareness. Event was sponsored by Hookup Resource Center, Southern California Edison International and The National Veterans Foundation.

C-4 PTSD Discussion: Stress Related Symptoms (Part 1)

PTSD Discussion Part I – PTSD experts Shad Meshad and Dr. Bridget Cantrell, discuss the roots of PTSD and compare Vietnam era cases to those of returning warriors Iraq and Afghanistan. They also discuss current and future treatment and outreach programs for veterans and their families.

Veterans TV News 13: Dave And Rick On VA Service Officers

Part 3 with Dave and Rick on VA service officers. The Vet Cam visits a county veterans affairs office to learn of a new outreach program that recruits local volunteers.

Veterans TV News 5: Dr. Jack Steingart On PTSD

Part 2 with Dr. Jack Steingart on PTSD. Dr. Jack elaborates on the effects of war trauma and long term preventive maintenance of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Veterans TV News 4: Dr. Jack Steingart Joins Dave To Discuss PTSD

Special guest Dr. Jack Steingart joins Dave to discuss PTSD. This is Part One of this 2 part series. We will learn of the Vet Centers across the country that are working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Veterans TV News 3: Dave And Shad Meshad Discuss Psychological Effects On Vets

Dave and Shad Meshad discuss psychological effects on vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. They also speak on the situation of reservists and National Guard.