GI BILL5 Videos

Veterans TV News 22: California Dept Provides Services For Veterans

California Dept. of Veterans Affairs provides many helpful services for veterans. Watch these three short back-to-back videos and take a look at their services.

Veterans TV News 20: Dave Culmer Is Joined By Rick Seaman And Ross Clay

News Anchor Dave Culmer is joined by Rick Seaman and Ross Clay. After answering several e-mails on VA benefit questions, they discuss the pending GI Bills with some help from Congressman Bob Filner and Eric A. Hilleman who is deputy director of legislative services for the VFW. Congressman Filner, Shad Meshad, and Dr. Bridget Cantrell […]

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 8: About The New GI Bill

Segment #8 – Army Iraq war veteran Aubrey Arcangel speaks out about the new GI Bill.

Vet Nation 26: Rydell Danzie Reports On Worst VA Offices

Veterans Nation 26 – Team anchor Rydell Danzie reports on the worst performance record of a single VA office in one of the U.S. largest cities. Service Officer Dave Culmer joins the Team for a review and comparison of the VA’s Long Term Solution System vs. the VA’s E- Benefits System when a Veteran needs […]

Eleven Bravo Show #1:News Writer Tim Noio Joins Host Rick Seaman

News writer Tim Noio joins host Rick Seaman. Topics are Olympics, the new GI Bill, combat marine amputee Cpl. Garrett Jones’ return to combat zone, and Rick recaps his “gas pump remedies”. They also discuss the new channel on Veterans Network,”The Veterans Legislation Ledger” hosted by Congressman Bob Filner. A video clip from a House […]