Veterans TV News 7: NVF Counselor Cornell Jones Joins Dave

NVF counselor Cornell Jones joins Dave regarding frequently asked questions on the National Veterans Foundation’s crisis hotline. The hotline is toll free and open to any veterans regarding any questions on anything to do with veterans.

Veterans TV News 3: Dave And Shad Meshad Discuss Psychological Effects On Vets

Dave and Shad Meshad discuss psychological effects on vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. They also speak on the situation of reservists and National Guard.

National Veterans Foundation Show 8: You See The NVF Toll Free Hotline At Work

Show # 8 – This video lets you see the NVF toll free hotline at work.

National Veterans Foundation Show 5: NVF Resource Director Mike Washington Talks

Show # 5 – NVF Resource Director Mike Washington talks about a bumpy road that finally ended up at the doorstep of John Keaveny’s New Directions rehab program. This program, along with assistance from the VA, eventually brought Mike to the NVF and Shad Meshad.

National Veterans Foundation Show 4: Special Segment About The National Veterans Foundation

Show # 4 – This special segment about the National Veterans Foundation with Dan Rather and Ed Bradley deals with disabled Gulf War returnees. Also featured is the work of Shad Meshad with disabled and homeless Vietnam vets during the years immediately following that war.

National Veterans Foundation Show 3: The Early Years Of The NVF

Show # 3 – This documentary, “The Legacy Of War” was filmed by Gregory Marquette during the early years of the NVF when it was the Vietnam Veterans Aid Foundation. This piece focuses on the problems that faced many Vietnam War returnees.