Vet Nation 67: Whittier TBI PTSD Event

Veterans Nation 67 – Rick visits an event for PTSD, TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma) awareness. Event was sponsored by Hookup Resource Center, Southern California Edison International and The National Veterans Foundation.

Gary Dimmick Raise Money For Veterans

Show # 1 – See how Gary Dimmick and Dan Atilano have teamed up with rock stars such as, Dave Mason,The Doobie Brothers, Santana and Grand Funk Railroad to raise money for veterans’ causes.

U.S. Vets Show 2: Ross Visits Dwight Radcliff Of The US Vets Center

Show #2 – Ross visits Dwight Radcliff of the US Vets Center in Los Angeles and learns of their amazing efforts to help bring homeless vets into the American workforce.

U.S. Vets Show 1: Gloria OBrien Visits The U.S. Vets Site

Show #1 – Gloria O’Brien visits the U.S. Vets site in Long Beach Ca. to discuss their programs for female veterans. She speaks with Stephen Peck and Diane West, the program coordinators for the women’s Advance and Renew programs that work with homelessness, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and employment resources.

Vet Nation 101: Emily Rahhal Makes A Difference For Veterans

Here is a story of seventeen year old Emily Rahhal who has helped to make a difference for veterans.

Vet Nation 100: Mike Eherdt Project America Run

Here is a must see story about Mike Eherdt and Project America Run II. One Life, One Flag, One Mile.