Vet Nation 67: Whittier TBI PTSD Event

Veterans Nation 67 – Rick visits an event for PTSD, TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma) awareness. Event was sponsored by Hookup Resource Center, Southern California Edison International and The National Veterans Foundation.

Gary Dimmick Raise Money For Veterans

Show # 1 – See how Gary Dimmick and Dan Atilano have teamed up with rock stars such as, Dave Mason,The Doobie Brothers, Santana and Grand Funk Railroad to raise money for veterans’ causes.

Veterans TV News 22: California Dept Provides Services For Veterans

California Dept. of Veterans Affairs provides many helpful services for veterans. Watch these three short back-to-back videos and take a look at their services.

Vet Nation 98: Veteran Son’s Amazing Story Of Kindness

Here’s an amazing story about a nine year old who lost his father in Iraq but he found an investment in kindness that yielded a great return.

Veterans Nation 95: Honorable Tribute To Our Soldiers & Heroes

“A Soldier Died Today”, produced by A. Lawrence Vaincourt. A very honorable tribute to all of our soldiers and unsung war heroes.

Vet Nation 94: Rap Sessions With Combat Veterans

Michelle Ladd hosts this 2009 Documentary that goes inside rap group sessions with combat veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Contains some graphic and explicit language. Includes interviews with NVF PTSD Therapist Shad Meshad and combat vet Rick Seaman.