Vet Nation 35: Our Oceans Filling Up With Trash

Veterans Nation 35 – The Team shows 2 videos on the subject of how our oceans or filling up with trash. Following these disturbing videos, Mr. Raymond Ledsworth joins the Team live to discuss his simple inventive solution to the problem. His new product is also geared to providing Veterans thousands of jobs for Veterans.

Vet Nation 25: The Veterans Nation Music Contest

Veterans Nation 25 – The Team reviews The Veterans Nation music contest. Anchor Kelly Smith honors the Vet Of The Month. Also investigative reports on VA claims backlogs, continued delays in the VA/DOD integrated electronic medical record system. Anchor Mike Dowling reports on a free service for veterans who need employment resumes and other employment […]

Vet Nation 37: Heroes Work Here

Veterans Nation 37 – Michelle Ladd reports on The Walt Disney company’s “Heroes Work Here” program. This program is about Disney’s dedication to hiring veterans in their theme parks, film production studios and all other Disney operations.

Vet Nation 114: Veteran Opportunities In Solar Energy

Special guest Roger Sorrell, USAF Lt. Colonel ret., discusses opportunities for veterans in the solar energy industry. Learn how you can get started in this fast growing and lucrative business for less than one hundred dollars.

Veterans TV News 21: Congressman Bob Filner’s” Veterans Legislative Ledger”

This is Congressman Bob Filner’s” Veterans Legislative Ledger”, an exclusive report to America’s veterans on the latest news and legislation from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Veterans Affairs. This is the first of these periodic reports to Veterans Network.