Eleven Bravo 23: Interviews Four Tour Iraq Combat Vet Freddy Cordoba

Michelle Ladd Interviews four tour Iraq combat vet Freddy Cordoba.

Eleven Bravo Show 21: Veteran Of The Year Award By Willie Nelson

Show #21 -Unlikely hero is awarded The Veteran of the Year award by Willie Nelson.

Eleven Bravo Show 20: Honoring Past and Present Combat Pilots

Honoring past and present combat pilots of America’s aviation legacy and all that our country’s airborne warriors have done to defend our country.

Eleven Bravo Show 19: Rick Reviews The American Motorcycle Girls

Show #19 – Rick reviews The American Motorcycle Girls, a photographic history of early women motorcyclists. Next an interview with Marc Yablonka author of Distant War a compilation of stories and interviews that bridge the history and aftermath of the wars in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from the 1950’s to present.

Eleven Bravo 18: Amazing Documentary Of The B-24 Liberated Bomber From WWI

Show #18 – Eleven Bravo presents an amazing documentary video story of the B-24 Liberated Bomber from WWII, with live interviews from B-24 (Starduster) pilot Capt. Willis Miller and his crew.