Vet Nation 100: Mike Eherdt Project America Run

Here is a must see story about Mike Eherdt and Project America Run II. One Life, One Flag, One Mile.

Vet Nation 1: Veterans Nation Daily Show

Veterans Nation 1 – Welcome to the new Veterans Nation Daily show for Vets hosted by Vets. Meet your hosts Mike Dowling OIF Marine, Trevor Scott OEF/OIF 101st Airborne, Kelly Smith OEF/OIF Airforce Pilot and others. Show will renew every 72 hours and will include Veterans news, legislation reports, VA benefit info, Veterans stories and […]

Vet Nation 10:Rick Talks About Football,TV And Vietnam

Veterans Nation 10 – Rick talks about football,TV and Vietnam. Also Service Officer Dave Culmer explains Combat Related Special Compensation.

Vet Nation 101: Emily Rahhal Makes A Difference For Veterans

Here is a story of seventeen year old Emily Rahhal who has helped to make a difference for veterans.

Vet Nation 102: Giving Vets Local & Federal Tax Credits

Rick and Gloria hi-jack the news desk to talk about anything they want, including what could be done and what should be done to give veterans state, local and federal tax credits.