Vet Nation 66: Interview With Shad Meshad On The Ben Shapiro Radio Show

Veterans Nation 65 – Rick & Gloria cover an interview with Shad Meshad on The Ben Shapiro radio show that discussed VA failures and fixes.

Veterans TV News 29: Buying Life And Health Insurance From The VA

Dave answers an FAQ regarding buying life and health insurance from the VA. Another question comes from a WWII vet seeking help from the VA for housing upgrades and how service-connected-disability is a factor. Also general VA navigation tips and an FAQ on VA over-payments. Dave’s docket also includes a discussion on how to handle […]

Vet Nation 102: Giving Vets Local & Federal Tax Credits

Rick and Gloria hi-jack the news desk to talk about anything they want, including what could be done and what should be done to give veterans state, local and federal tax credits.

Veterans TV News 12: Dave’s Discussion On VA Service Officers

Part 2 of Dave’s discussion on VA Service Officers. How to find a service officer who can get the job done for you. Is it like walking onto a used car lot?

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans 8: About The New GI Bill

Segment #8 – Army Iraq war veteran Aubrey Arcangel speaks out about the new GI Bill.

Vet Nation 91: VA Service Officers (Part 3)

Part 3 with Dave and Rick on VA service officers. The Vet Cam visits a county veterans affairs office to learn of a new outreach program that recruits local volunteers.