This Month's Specials
Dave answers an FAQ regarding buying life and health insurance from the VA. Another question comes from a WWII vet seeking help from the VA for housing upgrades and how service-connected-disability is a factor.

Radio Show - "The National Defense" Hosts Jerry and Randy address the mainstream media's reports on a base being overrun by Taliban forces in Afghanistan, and the TRUTH about this combat scenario where forces were within hand grenade range of the enemy.

Radio Show #32 -"The National Defense" Hosts Jerry and Randy address the mainstream media's reports on a base being overrun by Taliban forces in Afghanistan, and the TRUTH about this combat scenario where forces were within hand grenade range of the enemy.

Radio Show 31 - The Monster talks about the US Army's Freedom Team Salute, the New GI Bill, and gas pump remedies. Also, a phone conversation with Jerry Payne, founder of The USEF which is The United States Entertainment Force.

Radio Show 30 - Michelle Ladd joins The Four Headed Monster to talk with Thomas D. Jones author of the book "Hell Hawks". This book documents the legendary World War ll pilots who flew the Thunderbolts for close ground support against the German army. Co-host Rick Seaman also discusses a recent congressional hearing that reviewed the Wounded Warriors Act of 08'.

Radio Show 29 - Coverage of The National Heroes Tour sponsored by Vets For Freedom. Rick Seaman and Michelle Ladd interview Executive Director Peter Hegseth and founder David Bellavia who tell us about their organization, the Heroes Tour, and how it will culminate in Washington DC. for their Vets On The Hill event. Also interviewed are several highly decorated war heroes who are part of the tour.

Radio Show 28 - The four Headed Monster talks with Maggie Lockridge, founder of Iraq Star which is a community based organization that picks up where the VA leaves off in the area of reconstructive cosmetic surgery for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

Radio Show 27 - An interview with Dr. Michael J. Wagner, founder of the US Welcome Home Foundation and partner Sema Olson who spent 17 months at Walter Reed Hospital caring for her son who lost both legs in combat. Her compelling experience there inspired her commitment to the US Welcome Home Foundation.

Radio Show 26 - Interview with the Advisory Commissioners of the Los Angeles County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Los Angeles county, with the largest Veteran population in the U.S., is compared to other county Veterans commissions across the U.S.. Also discussed are the functions of county Veterans offices.

Radio Show 25 - The National Defense opens up the show with a special presentation to Jerry from General Stultz. Jerry and Randy also welcome Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina to talk about the "Semper Fi Bill" and the actions of the Berkley, CA city council.

Radio Show 24 - The Four Headed Monster discusses HR 4986 and how it affects VA health care and educational benefits. Also discussed is negative press regarding veterans in the New York Times. The Monster also discusses the importance of community based organizations and future VA budget funding for CBO's.

Radio Show 23 - Interview with veterans advocate Gene Simes. Gene talks about Operation Firing For Effect 2008 and how it is backing a voters initiative for full mandatory funding of the VA healthcare system. Also discussed is how the state of California has become the forerunner for this national initiative.

Radio Show 22 - The Four Headed Monster talks to VFW Communication Director and National Defense radio show host Jerry Newberry. Discussed are POW/MIA issues and mandatory VA funding where it is emphasized how veterans need to speak out, contact their local politicians, and make their voices be heard.

Radio Show #21 - The Monster speaks to US Congressman Bob Filner who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. They discuss full mandatory funding of the VA healthcare system vs. the current discretionary funding. Also discussed are how veterans can educate and influence public awareness of veterans issues.

Radio Show #20 - Jerry Newberry interviews VFW National Commander George Lisicki regarding his trips to Vietnam and Russia for talks on POW / MIA issues.

Radio Show 19 - The Four Headed Monster returns for an interveiw with Rusty Rustan on the California ballot initiative for mandatory funding of the VA. Learn how this nationwide movement began with the veterans advocacy group, Operation Firing For Effect.

Radio Show 18 - Veterans News with Rick, Ross, Mitch and Tim. Also live telephone chat with Dave Culmer on membership requirements for the VFW, American Legion, AmVets, DAV, and Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Radio Show 17 - Rick, Ross, Tim, and Mitch find themselves in the Veterans Online Radio booth at the same time. What results is a four-headed informational monster. They discuss AmVets, American Legion, MOPH, and a recent Senate hearing. Also discussed are veteran imposters.

Radio Show 16 - Another Operation Uplink Update, as the National Defense welcomes Van Glaman of Lombardi's Pizza, Salisbury, Maryland. Jerry Newberry discusses with Van his resturaunt's efforts to support the Operation Uplink program.

Radio Show 15 - Mitch covers Rick Seaman's open forum discussion with The Nation Veterans Foundation's crisis hotline service representatives. Discussed are Veterans legal needs, PTSD and readjustment, also solutions to discharged warriors' financial problems.

Radio Show 14 - Tim Noio sits in for Mitch and welcomes Veterans Educational Correspondent John Salcedo and his guest Dr. Ken Pearson who discuss creative writing for veterans. John & Dr. Pearson also open the door for submissions of creative works by veterans. Tim Noio gets a visit from Eleven Bravo host Rick Seaman. Their discussion covers a new book on American Memorials by National Geographic titled "Etched In Stone". Also discussed are patriotism and football.

Radio Show 13 - Host Mitchell J. Chaseway discusses how VA claims delays vary from city to city. Mitch also talks about Jose Ramos's effort to create an official Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day. Rick & Ross Show has Ross going ballistic over a controversial T.V. show. He also unloads on the Federal Reserve.

Radio Show 12 - The National Defense with Jerry Newberry and Randy Miller - As always, the National Defense begins with a dedication to the men and women on active duty in the armed forces, as well as all the veterans, and their families. Jerry Newberry is Communications Director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Radio Show 11 - The Rick & Ross Show joins Dave Culmer's Corner for a discussion on VA service representatives & service officers from veterans organizations as well as county service officers.Tips on how to find a good service officer who can help you navigate the VA. Also, Glen Grey gives another Veterans Legislative Report.

Radio Show 10 - Rick & Ross discuss A.N.S.W.E.R. and protest march vandalism. Also, an interveiw with Dr. Bridget Cantrell author of "Down Range - To Iraq and Back", a PTSD manual for vets and family members. Also discussed is her nationwide tour of military bases for PTSD workshops.

Radio Show 9 - Mitch's announcements include veteran demographics and employment stats. Glen Grey gives another veterans legislative report and Rick & Ross discuss VA Secertary Jim Nicholson, plus a reading of the historic Patrick Henry speech, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death".

Radio Show 8 - Veterans education correspondant John Salcedo speaks with Dr.Bruce Solheim and Vet Center counselor Manuel Martinez regarding new programs at community colleges for returning vets. Dr. Solheim's Boots to Books program is a prototype for colleges across America. These programs include credited counseling courses for vets and their families.

Radio Show 7 - The Rick and Ross Adventure talks about Bill Barnes, the 72 year old ex-marine that opened a can of whoop - ass on a pickpocket. They also introduce former Green Beret James Bruce Joseph Sievers, poet: An American In Love With His Country .

Radio Show 6 - Mitch interviews some of the National Veterans Foundation Crisis Hotline operaters. Also, music, Rick and Ross, and Shad Meshad. Plus an interview with Rolling Thunder regional president Joy "Chappy" Jeanette.

Radio Show 5 - The Rick and Ross Show takes on a new title and the adventure continues. Also, the Mitchell J. Chaseway Show and Glen Grey's Veterans Legislative Report.

Radio Show 4 - Mitch, music, and guest Julie Michaels of Homeward Bound fame. Also, another visit to Dave's Corner for VA navigation. Subject: Military Medical Retirement and/ or Severance Pay vs. VA Special Monthly Compensation.

Radio Show 3 - Mitch plays music and we go to the Playboy Mansion fund raiser for an interview with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder Paul Rieckhoff. Also Glen Grey gives another Veterans Legislative Report.

Radio Show 2 - The debut of the Rick and Ross Show where humor and commentary often collide. Also your main host Mitch Chaseway plays music and takes you to Dave's Corner where Dave Culmer discusses VA pension and compensation.

Radio Show 1 - Meet primary host Mitchell J. Chaseway with music and information for veterans. Listen to the Veterans Legislative Report with anchor Glen Grey. Also meet Veterans Education Correspondant John Salcedo who discusses the alliance of veteran students.

Show #13 - This video tells the story of the American Legion's Heros to Homefront Program.
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