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Volume 1 Edition 40 Archives July 27, 2010
New VetNet Poll Q. Agent Orange Equity Act hits the Pay-Go wall
VetNet Staff Report

The new Poll question on the Veterans Network voting poll is a survey which asks:

When you were discharged from the military, what did you spend your first thousand dollars on, OR if you are currently active duty, where will you spend your first thousand dollars when discharged?

The link icon for the Poll can be found on the Veterans Network Main Channel Guide, lower right.


House Committee Chairman for Veterans Affairs Bob Filner has told Veterans Network that his House Bill #2254, The Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009 is now awaiting a source of funding.

The bill has been tagged as a Pay-Go bill by an appropriations committee, meaning that that bill can not move forward until funding is made available.
  Filner stated that because of the budgetary implications which will run in the billions, the funding may have to come from other VA programs or from other budget souces outside the VA and DOD.

The bill and its Senate companion bill 1939 would expand the requirements for presumed exposure to Agent Orange to blue water navy and possibly to veterans who served in Guam and Thailand.
Benefit Buzz New on TV Hour Veterans History Quiz
The Veterans TV Hour has added a new component titled the "Benefit Buzz", anchored by Dave Culmer and Tom Clewis.

Mr. Culmer served 20 years with the USMC, then worked twenty-two years at the VA as a service rep, and is currently a VA Service Officer for the American Legion. His counterpart Tom Clewis is an attorney who has handled many veterans disability claims appeals. Clewis also worked for the VA for 10 years as a claims adjudicator.
  According to the shows main anchor Pete Freeland, "Having a VA Service Officer seated across from a claims attorney who once was inside the VA makes for a perfect blend of knowledge and information when it comes to benefit questions sent to us by veterans.".

Veterans with questions regarding benefits, claims, appeals, and other VA info are encouraged to e-mail these questions to Dave and Tom at:
This months history quiz question is:

What was the first U.S. military action to ever take place in Indochina?

The first correct e-mail answer will win a $100 gift card of their choice.

E-mail your answer to:

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