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Frequently Asked Questions to assist veterans.

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 Q: Sometimes video shows take longer than 3 -15 seconds to come up. Why is this?
 A: This can be common on any video streaming site when there is heavy internet or server traffic. Note the ratio of normal “loads” to that of slow loads as well as times of day when loads occur. This will provide you with valuable info. .
 Q: How would I know whether to use Windows Media Player as opposed to Quick Time when clicking to play videos?
 A: Mac users would normally use Quick Time. PC users would normally use Windows Media Player. To Download the latest versions of Windows Media Player and Quick Time, click on the following links: Windows Media Player
Quick Time
 Q: Does Quick Time normally provide better viewing of videos?
 A: Yes. If you have a PC, you can still install Quick Time. Get Quick Time here: Quick Time
 Q: How does a veterans aid organization get on the Network’s donation list?
 A: Simply contact us by phone, mail, or email ( and let us know your group’s efforts and needs. We can help you in many ways in addition to monetary donations.
 Q: What, basically, is Veterans Network's donation policy?
 A: Very simply, all of our monthly profits are considered to be made available for donations. Exceptions would be our need to make any technical improvement expenditures to create better viewing service.
 Q: Is Veterans Network virus free?
 A: We have done everything possible to operate the Network both problem and virus free. However, it is always recommended that all viewers use all the necessary firewalls and virus protections and keep them updated as they normally should.
 Q: Are some browsers better than others to view Veterans Network?
 A: Yes. Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox are good. AOL is OK.
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